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February 26, 2018 Press Release

BL4NKCODE – Making the Digital Currency Ecosystem Comprehensible to Everyone

During the last couple of months, the digital currency market has been actively confusing people throughout the world, given the massive price swings, alongside the appearance of numerous innovative platforms, services and investment opportunities.

While the market remains fairly risky, its profitability has been proven over and over, especially when it comes down to smart trading, initial coin offering and initial token offering investments. It is important to point out the fact that succeeding on the market requires users to be well-informed about the latest trends, most promising ICOs, overall state of the market, and news.

BL4NKCODE represents a newly-released cryptocurrency website, offering readers access to a wide variety of tutorials focusing on bitcoin and other digital currencies, but also articles that will help users better understand how the market works. In return, increased knowledge will lead to a better understanding of the market’s principles, and of course, better investment decisions.

Speaking of investments, BL4NKCODE also offers ICO listings; therefore readers can find out more about the latest innovative projects in the ICO space. Here, users will find details on the latest project in the crypto ecosystem, alongside with information on the tokens being offered, their utility, price, investment potential, ICO terms, bounty campaigns, affiliate programs associated with certain token offerings, and much more. This can, in return, lead to smarter investment decisions that will bring about a higher return-on-investment.

ICO/ITO owners, alongside with crypto-related companies will be glad to know that the website also offers ICO listing and PR publishing services. With an actively growing base of readers, BL4NKCODE has the potential of becoming a great way of attracting more investors and getting a word out about the services being offered.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, BL4NKCODE represents a one-stop resource for digital currency enthusiasts, looking to learn more about how the market works, and investment opportunities. However, it also contains a wide array of articles and tutorials designed for those who are just joining the ecosystem, hence beginners will find great resources as well.  

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