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January 8, 2018 Press Release

Decentralized Crypto Network Kickstarts with Sold Out PRE ICO

A new cryptocurrency is on the horizon, and it’s looking to make an impact on the scene. PagareX will launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in January 17th of 2018, with coins starting from as low as $1 each. However, there’s a lot more to this cryptocurrency than meets the eye. It’s not just aiming to be another copy of Bitcoin like many others have done before. Instead, it wants to carve out its own name in the sector and become a global phenomenon in its own right. That does beg the question of how it could possibly do that. Of course, we have the answers for you right here.

The PagareX coin and the community of investors is different to many others due to the fact that it is a decentralised cryptocurrency. This only works as a positive feature, because users don’t require centralised banking or financial institutions. Therefore, because it is run by the peer-to-peer community, investors have complete financial freedom. Anyone who opts to purchase the PagareX coin will be able to receive interest and commission from it in several different ways. Furthermore, with this one being part of a grand community, it means that all of its users have the ability to connect with one another.

PagareX Possibilities

It’s one thing to provide a cryptocurrency, but it’s quite another to offer up an alternative cryptocurrency. Perhaps one of the biggest perks about the PagareX option is that it is both safe and secure. Again, this is due to the fact that it doesn’t have a need for centralised banking. Therefore, it is all but free of the possibility of identity theft or other sorts of problems that tend to plague the fiat currency world. The users of PagareX control the overall flow of their finances, which means their data and all other information is safe along with it.

PagareX aims to be the number one global cryptocurrency by 2020, but just how does it intend to do this? Well, it will all start with the aforementioned ICO, which is set to begin on January 2nd. As supply ndand demand for the coin increases, so will its value. Therefore, both the coins and the blockchain market have a lot of room to expand. So, it stands to reason that those investors who buy it at a lower price will benefit significantly as the price of it increases.

However, there are additional perks to enjoy as part of the PagareX community. The ecosystem of this cryptocurrency brings various investment opportunities along to its users as well. For example, there’s the possibility of participating in Lending. This sees the PagareX platform lend Coins from you and then use them to buy Bitcoin when the price is low before selling them when the price is higher. The best thing about this is that it’s all done by a robot, so you don’t need to be active on the market. Once the investment time period ends, you receive your capital back and split the profits with the bot!

As well as this, all investors will have the opportunity to participate in Mining. This gives you the chance to involve yourself in generating new PagareX coins. The developers of the currency have also designed the algorithm of PagareX to ensure that it resists the development of custom mining hardware! Plus, even just by having PagareX coins in your wallet, you’ll begin earning interest on them. Obviously, this just requires you to purchase coins and leave them exactly where they are. The more coins you have, the higher the amount of profit they will generate too.

Let’s not forget about the ability to benefit from downward movements that could occur in the market. This all works as part of the Trading investment that is available to PagareX users. Again, this means that you’re able to purchase them when they’re at a lower value and then sell them when they increase.

Overview of PagareX and PGX Coin

While it is true to say that cryptocurrencies are becoming more readily available and popular today, we’re sure that PagareX will become one of the big names in the industry. There are so many investment opportunities that come with it, providing multiple possibilities of increasing your profit. Additionally, with the ICO coming up soon, 17.01.2017 investors will no doubt be swarming the market to get at this one.

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