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November 28, 2017 Press Release

Mirocana: a Milestone in the Art of Investing

Mirocana is a unique artificial intelligence system that predicts changes in the stock, currency and crypto-currency markets. It is a breakthrough tool that will let you invest in the most beneficial way!

About Mirocana

The system is based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyze huge volumes of financial data from over 40 sources. Mirocana analyses about 2000 bits of news and field-specific articles per day. It takes advantage of over 140 strategies at the moment, and this figure is incessantly growing. In order to predict the behavior of the stock, currency and crypto-currency markets, the system applies to the technical indicators, chart patterns, fundamentals, trading activity of other traders, analysts and hedge-fund managers, news, tweets, and other information that may correlate with assets’ prices.

With all this basic data, Mirocana makes predictions about the changes in the stock, currency and crypto-currency markets , so that you could always know which stocks to buy and which to sell.

Mirocana Products

The company offers three Assets Management Products:


This is the most accurate and valuable of Mirocana Products. The system analyzes over 400 companies that are traded on NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. It can be connected to your Interactive Broker account in order to manage your funds on your behalf, so that you could control your risks and set up a target return for the system anywhere from 5% to 100% a year.


This Investment Product was developed for over 2 years. The system predicts 125 currency pairs that are available with OANDA broker. It can be connected to your Interactive Broker account in order to manage your funds on your behalf. Here, your target annual return can be set from 5% to 150%.


It is a new product for the fastest-growing crypto market. The system predicts 90 crypto-currency pairs that are available with Poloniex or Bittrex exchange. It can be connected to your Interactive Broker account, and the rate of return will vary from 5% to 200%.

Advantages of Mirocana

  1. The system doesn’t transfer the clients’ money to its accounts. Mirocana Products can be connected to any of your existing Interactive Broker or Exchange account in order to manage your funds on your behalf with the use of the access key. The Company is not entitled to withdraw and transfer any money.
  2. The Company develops three crowd-sourced learning platforms in order to improve all the layers of the system and increase the accuracy of the forecasts. Those who take part in this process receive payment in MIRO tokens.
  3. Mirocana’s predictions are based on multiple data sources, including different technical indicators, chart patterns, trading activity of other traders, analysts and hedge-fund managers, news, tweets, and even Google Trends.
  4. The system works not only with cryptocurrency, but with the traditional stock and exchange markets, too. You will have a unique opportunity to use three Assets Management Products, which predict the market changes based on the neuron networks.
  5. The company will not charge any fees or commissions for the first eight months after the Token Sale in order build a trust between the purchasers and the system. You will be able to use all the advantages of the artificial intelligence products in the most cost effective manner.

Mirocana has raised investment for two times already – up to $190,000 and $485,000, and this is just the beginning of our revolutionary path to success! 

Join the system right now and enjoy all the unique opportunities of artificial intelligence.

Mirocana’s Innovative Solutions

In order to make market predictions even more accurate, the Company’s Core Team and Research Group are working hard to add new data sources, strategies and simulations into the system. They develop three crowd-sourced learning platforms aimed at the improvement of the system’s layers:

  • Alpha, which lets people create new strategies. In this platform, you can create, test and evaluate your own strategy and get paid in MIRO tokens.
  • Sigma, aimed at the development of new predictive models. With this solution, any data scientist can create, validate and score his/her machine learning model based on Mirocana’s encrypted data for predictions.
  • Target, which lets people predict the success of ICOs. In this web platform, the company’s specialists use neural nets and AI to predict the success of future ICOs based on the data about from past projects and users’ forecasts.

How to Seize All the Opportunities of Mirocana?

All that you need to do is to buy Mirocana currency – MIRO tokens. MIRO tokens open the access to the Mirocana Investment Products. You can purchase MIRO tokens during a Token Sale.

  • The Token Pre-sale starts on October 19th and finishes on October 29th.
  • The Token Sale starts on November 19th at 12:00 and finishes on December 19th at 12:00.

After the Sale, the participants with enough tokens will be provided free access to all the Mirocana Investment Products.

Token Price: 1 MIRO = 0.001 ETH

Token Supply: 200 000 000 MIRO

Pre-Sale Bonuses

You can enjoy the following bonuses: 

  • On buying MIRO in the amount from 0.5 to 10 ETH, you receive a 15% discount.
  • On buying MIRO in the amount from 10 to 50 ETH, you receive a 20% discount.
  • On buying MIRO in the amount from 50 to 100 ETH, you receive a 25% discount.
  • On buying MIRO in the amount more than 100 ETH, you receive a 35% discount.

Plus, you will get a promotion bonus for each of your friends you’ve invited into the Project.

Mirocana’s Core Team and Advisors

AI-company’s most valuable asset is its Team. Today, it includes 11 members. The company owns intellectual property rights in Montreal, Canada. Its development HQ is in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The company is represented by the following specialists:

George Petrov is Mirocana’s founder and CEO. It is he who created the company in 2015 and is still doing his best to make it as successful as possible. Previously, George worked in several IT-companies as a developer and data scientist.

Eugene Ulyanov is the company’s co-founder and COO. He has a Ph. D. law. Eugene was a founder of a marketing agency and a number of start-ups together with Embria Ventures.

Alexey Dementyev is Mirocana’s Head of Product Development. He has an extensive experience of building high-load infrastructure and scalable systems.

The company is backed and supported by experienced people from investing, finance, legal and blockchain industries, such as Denis Efremov, Vice President at Da Vinci Capital, Justin Jovanovic, Chief Operating Officer and equity partner of InvestFeed, George Baziladze, Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoPay, and Andrey Moskvitch, senior legal professional with 10 years of experience in IP strategy, blockchain, patent filing and prosecution.

The Project’s Legal Side

Mirocana’s tokens – MIRO tokens – can be purchased worldwide. You can buy this cryptocurrency in any country, including the USA, the UK, China, and Canada. Mirocana represents that the offer and sale of MIRO tokens doesn’t constitute an offer and sale of gambling chips. These tokens are being offered and sold only in compliance with the securities and other laws and regulations of the abovementioned and all other countries of the world.

You can join MIRO tokens sale right now, and in a few months you’ll get free access to Mirocana’s unique artificial intelligence and its innovative Investment Products.

This is a paid press release. Crypto Reader does not endorse or is responsible for the quality/service of the material provided.



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