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March 15, 2018 Press Release

STRATUS Mining – The Green Mining Provider From Europe Offering the Most Attractive Pre-Sale From March 15th – April 30th

Stratus Mining Ltd., an Europe-based cloud mining provider enters the market with outstanding conditions for everyone during their presale which will start on the 15th of March,

Why Cloud Mining and why with Stratus? Cloud mining is a comfortable way of acquiring cryptocurrencies without having to worry about energy costs and setup issues. Through the
accumulation of multiple resources of different investors, Stratus is thus being able to offer exceptional conditions to all customers.

Stratus’ Mission is to take mining to a new level since they offer fair and transparent payouts which are processed on the blockchain. The four Austrian founder are crypto-enthusiasts and
deeply believe in the vision of cryptocurrencies. They therefore, introduce their services to the entire world that can profit from the highly efficient programmed algorithms which ensure
that every investor can earn as much as possible. Stratus’ Philosophy is to stay close to its customers, so the wishes can be met in the most effective way.

Take your chance now and sign up today.

The presale begins on the 15th of March and lasts until the 30th of April. Users can currently mine BTC or ETH, other profitable algorithms will be added in the near future.

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