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January 6, 2018 Press Release

World’s First AI & Blockchain-Based Dating & Relationship Project – Viola.AI, Sets to Disrupt the Love Industry

Largest Lunch Dating Company Lunch Actually Group announces the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO); its Pre-Sale already commenced with the largest bonus of 70% bonus tokens successfully concluded on 31 Dec 2017. The next tier of Pre-Sale bonus is set at 60% limited to the first 1,000,000 VIOLA tokens, first-come-first-served. It offers local and global users an exciting and unique opportunity to be a part of the industry’s first and most powerful platform for dating and relationship that harness on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and trustless Smart Contracts technology.

The dating industry has grown tremendously in the last decade with the rise of technology and emergence of mobile dating services. However, there are also more cases of online love scams, dating fatigue, abuse of users’ data, and increasing dating and relationship challenges, which contributes to higher divorce rates.

Viola.AI is our SOLUTION.

Viola.AI is the World’s First A.I.-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships with Real Business Backing of 13 years. Harnessing on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and trustless Smart Contracts, Viola.AI is set to revolutionize the dating and relationship space in the world.

Viola.AI will be the first dating and relationship A.I. that evolves with the users – creating a global and borderless full loop solution from dating, courtship, relationship to marriage. With the capability to perform deep learning about each user’s personality, background and behaviour, Viola.AI can give them the most relevant and valuable advice, as well as proactively prompt couples before any important relationship milestones and help them solve their challenges early.


Viola.AI is equipped with several core capabilities:

a) The Smartest A.I. in the Love Industry

Provides highly personalized matching and discreet relationship advices which evolves according to the user’s relationship status by employing A.I. with personalised machine learning engine and natural language empathy. Viola.AI will be trained by the Group’s 13 years of accumulated service experience, 3500 datasets and 1.1 billion data points.

b) Bridging the Gap with Blockchain Technology

Protects users through Real-ID Verification with visual recognition technology, facilitates safe and efficient transactions with Viola.AI Wallet and Hedged Escrow System. The deployment of decentralized system and blockchain technology enables high security and authentication of users, preventing any identity theft and protecting against data tampering and the infrastructure of Viola.AI.

c)Creating Community-based Marketplace with VIOLA Tokens

Provides timely recommendations to address each user’s needs for goods and services, offers strong community support with quality content and advice that addresses user’s enquiry. With Ethereum Smart Contracts in place, users can interact and transact with contributors and merchants at ease as all parties will receive the agreed-upon revenue share or commissions.

Words from Founder

“Viola.AI is a project that has been in the making for years based on our 13 years of experience in the dating and relationships industry. We are excited that by leveraging on the latest A.I. & blockchain technology, we are able to bring this dream into reality and offer the most comprehensive and effective tool to better any relationships. Through Viola.AI, we look forward to helping billions of singles and couples worldwide fulfill their dreams of finding love and happiness,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Viola.AI, Violet Lim.


Demand for VIOLA Tokens

Pre-Sale is ongoing now with 60% bonus limited to first 1,000,000 VIOLA tokens only, first-come-first-served from 1 Jan to 31 Jan 2018

To learn more and to take part in Token sales, join Viola.AI community: Telegram

About Lunch Actually Group

The first and largest dating company in Asia, Lunch Actually Group has over 13 years of experience in offline matchmaking, online and mobile dating and date coaching services. The business has now grown to have presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. It has arranged over 100,000 dates with 85% matches satisfaction rate.

Viola.AI Website:

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