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Found something interesting about a certain coin? Share it with Crypto Reader if you think it should be published.

How To?

Anyone can send us a coin update, even if you are not a part of the development team. Investors, forum members, everyone is welcome. Simply share the URL of the source. Doesn't matter if it's a Reddit thread, your own blog post, an important Slack announcement. As long as you feel others would benefit from this information. You never have to give us your e-mail or anything, but if you feel like sharing your nickname or an opinion of the news you shared, we'll remember you in future!

Submit a Press Release

Crypto Reader charges $100 to submit your press release. Send your PR document + image to

What to include in the email?

  • Press Release text file
  • Title of your Press Release
  • Image with minimum dimensions 300×300
  • Are you paying in BTC, ETH or LTC? (if another currency, let us know)
  • Date of publish (if none specified, we’ll publish it as soon as possible).

After you send us the PR, we’ll email you back with the address to use (or use the ones below to speed it up). After you send the TX ID, we’ll publish the press release and email you the link instantly.

While we publish every PR very quickly (minutes, to a few hours), here are our main addresses that you can use if you’d like to speed things up. Don’t forget to include your transaction ID!

  • BTC Address: 1GMAPCJjZ7BLekRwk4oDPumF32snyJ3r6o
  • ETH Address: 0xB9D6dF6C55cE03296A2fC481a96f659769536C9d
  • LTC Address: LPU3dcfSCNRKMEE4w3em8hfmFK7GzYxpTw

– Questions & Answers –

You can always contact us at for help or questions.

How much to submit a Press Release?

$100 in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. We need the transaction ID so we can confirm your payment.

How quickly will the PR appear on the website?

In most cases, it can be a few minutes or up to a few hours. You can also let us know if there is a specific date you prefer, otherwise we submit the PR as soon as possible.

Our website displays the latest news and events on everything going on in the blockchain space. By having your PR appear on our website, it will reach tens of thousands of visitors that are interested in staying updated everyday.

If your PR contains any misleading information, or appears to be completely false, we will reject it. It’s in our interest to display useful information to our readers.

Where will the PR be published?

Your PR will appear in every page available on our website. This includes the homepage, each coin page, each news, all events, specific event and of course the Press Releases page, where it stays forever. There is a very specific section for PR’s only in our sidebar, which means they get a lot more attention compared to placing them near the footer or similar.

At any time, before or after the PR is published, you can also select if we make it sponsored. It will appear in both the sidebar + on top of every page. Since this is an optional feature that costs an extra, let us know in the email if you want it.

Information about traffic?

Crypto Reader receives over 200,000 monthly visits and is growing every single month.

We receive visitors from all over the world, especially the ones most interested in blockchain (USA, UK, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Slovenia and many more).

Are links allowed in the PR?

Yes we allow active links, mostly to your main webpage or any related websites.

How many images and what dimensions?

For the featured image (the one that appears in the sidebar and at the beginning of the PR), we need minimum 300×300. Bigger is always better.

Optionally, you can send up to 2 more images and tell us where to insert them.

Can you edit the PR after it’s published?

We allow slight modifications, but nothing drastic.

How long does the PR stay in the sidebar?

Between 3-5 days, but minimum 2 days. It will always appear in the Press Releases page, regardless of how many new ones are added.

What email to reach you?

Please use to send the PR, as well as to contact us for any questions you may have.


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